Bellatrix was the Magruwen's champion and fought in the devil wars of the Dawn Days. She was married to Kipepeo the day before the battle with the Blackbringer. During the battle, the Blackbringer ate Kipepeo.

After they defeated the Blackbringer Bellatrix mourned his death and decided to go to the Moonlit Gardens to see him, but when she got there she found out that he wasn't there.

She didn't join the serephim and waited for him instead. She also caused Magpie to be created by the Magruwen. She knew that the Magruwae's and Fade's minds were connected so she told Fade stories of a Faerie that could weave the Tapestry and was very powerful.

Fade dreamt about her and because their minds were connected so did the Magruwen and Magpie was made by his dreams.

After Magpie defeated the Blackbringer and saved everyone who he had eaten, Kipepeo joined Bellatrix in the Moonlit Gardens. She now resides there with Kipepeo and gives Magpie advice when she visits.


  • She has been in the Moonlit Gardens for thousands of years.
  • She is one of the Magruwen's champion.