The blackbringer is a wind elemental, originally named Astiroth, who gave power to the Djinn while they weaved the tapestry. When the finished they had to close the tapestry and they asked him if he wanted to leave or stay inside. He decided to stay but he sooned grew to cramped and wanted to escape, but the Djinn could not open the tapestry without letting darkness in, so the Astiroth was trapped. In an attempt to escape he rammed into the tapestry and created devils. The djinn decided to vote either to kill him or for mercy. Mercy won and so the Djinn crafted a skin by taking a piece of the sky, plucking the stars out of it, putting them in a pomegranate, and trapped him in a skin of darkness. He was then released on Earth. The champions trapped him in the bottle with the Magruwan's seal, and put him in the ocean. Then some humans opened his bottle and set him free. He only felt two things hunger and vengeance. He ate everything he came across and he killed the Vritra, the weakest of the Djinn. He tried to kill the Magruwan. He went to the Spider Downs in Dreamdark when he failed and was protected by the spiders there