Calypso is a crow. He travels with Magpie Windwitch and is like her brother. He is the leader of the crows and has a chip in his beak that makes it seem like he is always grinning. He often calls Magpie 'Pie and feels very responsible for her. He takes long-life potions given to him by Magpie's mother so that he can keep travelling with Magpie.

Calypso states that Magpie is "Still a sprout" whenever she insists that she isn't. This is because he doesn't want to think of her growing up.

Calypso seems to be the leader of the crows.

Relationships with Other CharactersEdit


She is sort of like his sister, or little girl. He treats her like a "Sprout", but she loves him anyways. She calls him her "Bird brother" in Blackbringer, Magpie wears a skirt made of all of the bird's feathers.

Other Birds:Edit

Calypso seems to get along well with the other birds.