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This wiki is dedicated to The Faeries of Dreamdark series by Laini Taylor. Feel free to add your knowledge about this series.

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Faeries of Dreamdark is about a world that the seven djinn crafted with their dreams. The seven fire elementals wove the Tapestry of the world and the creatures that inhabit it, but long ago they went to sleep and left the world. Now the faeries have lost most of their magic and have grown weak and gullible. They think that the devils that once troubed their world have long been sealed in their bottles, but they're wrong. The devils are being released by meddlesome humans who believe that the devils will grant their wishes, and their is only one faerie fighting the devils that they are releasing into the world at an alarming pace. Magpie Windwitch and the crows that travel with her now must fight the worst devil of them all the Blackbringer.

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