Hirik Mothmage is the Champion of the Azazel. In Silksinger, he was introduced as a Murk who went by the name of Moonshrive, to hide that he was actually a Mothmage. He only joined the Murks because he wanted to find the Azazel.


He is a faery with large moth wings. He had semi-long hair that he uses to hide his antena. Hirik has moth antenes that act as a sixth sence. One of his wings has a bite taken out of it because of a nymph.


  • He is the champion of the Azazel.
  • He has a bite take out of his wing.
  • He is sort of like Whisper's love interest in the book, because he cared about her more than the Azazel.

Hirik along with Whisper.