Magpie Windwitch is the champion of the Magruwen, the Djinn King. She travels with a clan of crows that are like her brothers. When she was just a baby she was given a blessing ceremony by the creatures of Dreamdark. She always wished to be like her hero Bellatrix, the Magruwen's last champion who disappeared right after the devil wars ended. She is the only person in the world except for the seven Djinn who can weave the Tapestry although she has very little control over it. She at first saw only little bits of light at the edges of her vision which she later found out were strands of the tapestry.

Magpie is the granddaughter of the West Wind and her parents travel and try to save magic, spells, and potions from being forgotten. She has learned how to travel to the Moonlit Gardens and has gone there to talk to Bellatrix. The first time she goes there she finds out that Bellatrix planted an idea into Fade's mind about a Faerie who can weave the Tapestry and save the faeries because Fade and the Magruwen's minds are connected. She tricked the Magruwen into dreaming Magpie into existence. She now has to travel and find all of the six remaining Djinn and awaken them so they can fix the tapestry. She travels with her friend Talon Rathersting, who is the only faerie who can weave skins like the elementals wear.


She's described to have "eyes like aquamarines". Also, Magpie usually braids her brown hair back.



Talon Ratherstring is her best friend, and possible love interest as he seems to like her. He has been through a lot with her, and has saved her more than once.




The crows are like her brothers, and she loves them as such. When Bertram is killed, she is so overwhellmed that she couldn't stay there, and traveled to the Moonlit Gardens.


Dusk, AKA Onyx, was once her friend, as well as love interest, since she said that she was going to marry him. Later, when she found out that he was evil, she felt angry and betrayed.


Bellatrix is Magpie's hero, since she looks up to her in every way.


Poppy: Edit

Poppy is Magpie's old childhood friend. They reconnect when she returns to Dreamdark. Poppy and Magpie share a bond because they are one of the few fairies who are able to sense the Tapestry. Magpie is distraught when Poppy is devoured by the Blackbringer, and is determined to bring her back.


  • Magpie has a fondness for chocolate, and once ate so much that her wings could not lift her off the ground.
  • She is the first champion for thousands of years.
  • She has an armored shirt made of firedrake scales, given to her by Bellatrix.