Poppy Manygreen
Poppy Manygreen is faerie. She lives in Dreamdark where she is one of the best potion makers around. She has the unique ability to understand plants and is most likely the only faerie alive who still has that skill. Not much is known about her early life but we do know that her and Magpie Windwitch were childhood friends. When Magpie returned to Dreamdark they met at Magpie's childhood home, an old linden tree, and Magpie learns that Poppy can understand plants. Poppy finds out from the Linden tree the location of the Magruwan. Poppy also sees Vesper call the demon from her mirror and tell it to kill Batch Hangnail and Magpie. She goes to warn Magpie and gets eaten by the Blackbringer. She is saved from the Blackbringer when Magpie goes into the Blackbringer with the pomegranate seed. After the Blackbringer was defeated she helped Orchspike heal people, and became her apprentice. She now works with Orchidspike and came up with a way to regrow Hirik Mothmage's antenna.

Appearance Edit

Poppy is described as being beautiful even beyond fairy standards, with big brown eyes and red hair she wears in a spiral of braids. She has lovely butterfly wings that are enormous, far bigger than any fairy had ever had.