Talon Rathersting
Talon Rathersting is a warrior of the Rathersting clan. He also has stunted wings and is a scamperer. He had always had to be on watch duty because he sould not fly of into battle. He often went to Orchidspike, a healer, and they became friends. She taught him to knit and let him use her Djinn craft knitting needles. He has the ability to knit skins like the Djinn and elementals use. He first made a falcon skin so he sould fly. He traded that skin to Batch Hangnail to get Batch to find Magpie, who Vesper had imprisoned in her mirror. He helped battle the Blackbringer, and knitted a string that could not be broken so that Magpie would not get lost in the Blackbringer. After that he knitted himself crow wings so that he could fly with Magpie and the crows. He traveled with her to find the Djinn. He also promised to make Batch a skin so they could get Batch to help find the Djinn


  • On her blog, Laini Taylor stated that Talon was not originally part of the plan while writing Blackbringer. He came in later and replaced a character named Acorn, who was another scamperer boy and a cousin of Poppy's.